What's Available?

Here at StedyChefs, we offer a range of unique courses for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.


The Cookery Skills which are taught at StedyChefs can enable individuals to become more independent when they are alone or in an environment where they are expected to live independently. Enrolling at StedyChefs helps students to be able to assess dangers within the kitchen and helps them to learn and follow basic recipes that they may use in a household environment.


Following the same lessons and recipes, students can attend StedyChefs as an alternative provision. The service is really enjoyable for all, and a great alternative to your regular ‘day centre’.


If a student is particularly wanting to enhance their skills further, they or their parents / carers can speak directly with the tutors to discuss what areas they will need to work on, and a timeframe that they believe they will be able to achieve their Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate and obtain a placement.